Saturday, June 27, 2015

1K Followers Instagram Giveaway

Work has been a bit crazy lately, and husband and I have a big personal project we're working on which I don't want to reveal just yet - but soon!

In the meantime I wanted to say a big thanks to all my new Instagram followers, I've surpassed 1K, so thank you thank you everyone! To celebrate, head on over to my Instagram to enter my art giveaway. You can win 4 signed mini prints by me, and 1 8.5x11, signed and numbered print by illustrator Caitlin Hackett. (and whatever other little goodies I decide to throw in!)

And since this is an art blog, here's a random slime monster I drew for work to be used in a mobile ad campaign. (he's so cute and drippy!)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fanime 2015

Over Memorial Day weekend I took the train down to San Jose to check out Fanime for my first time. A few friends were driving down from Portland to attend, so I decided to room with them and check out the con, and of course, its artist alley. (my favorite part of any con!)

Fanime is a 4 day anime convention held over May 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th. It takes place in San Jose, CA at the McEnery Convention Center, in the middle of downtown.

McEnery Convention Center main entrance

cosplayer/convention center courtyard sculpture

fashion show panel featuring Reinhart Fuchs/Crunchyroll industry panel

prints by illustrator Rose Besch/Fanime loot!

entrance of dealer's hall

Omocat's booth in dealer's hall

The dealer's hall was pretty typical of an anime convention dealer hall - a lot of the same companies attend Fanime as SakuraCon, so I recognized several booths. (I had a bit of deja vu at one moment, it was so similar to Sakura Con's dealer's hall, both in size and layout).

It was the artist alley that blew me away though! The quality of artists overall was amazing, so many talented people, I spent a good 2 hours just wandering through, browsing. It was also one of the largest AA's I'd been to. I was able to meet one of my favorite artists, who I've been following online for a good 10 years. Her name is Rose Besch, she goes by the handle of Barachan - check out her work! She lives on the east coast so I felt very lucky to catch her at a west coast convention.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SuperOrange Mascot Contest

superOrange is a small clothing company based out of the Portland, Oregon area inspired by cosplay and anime culture. According to their website: "superOrange is apparel inspired by your 2D anime waifu! Wearing superOrange apparel will help you to attain 1000% Hentai Princess status." I had the chance to meet Zee, the founder and man behind the company, at Sakura-Con a couple months ago. While superOrange has an extremely strong, cute visual style, they didn't have a mascot! After the convention, Zee opened up a mascot contest for the brand through Instagram, so I had to enter.

copic markers with text effects in photoshop

My mascot entry is inspired by, of course, the superOrange clothes themselves, and anime figures such as Super Sonico. Super Sonico is incredibly adorable, but I think the superOrange girl would have a bit more of an edge to her. You can check out everybody's entries through the superorangemascot tag on Instagram, here.

You can check out superOrange on these social networks - and good luck to all who entered the contest!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Inspiration Sunday - Looney Lolita

This weekend I want to highlight one of my favorite artists - she goes by the handle "Looney Lolita." She's a (mostly) traditional artists who uses copic markers and watercolors. Her characters are gorgeous, they have such a strong personality with an emphasis on fashion, accessory details and fun color schemes.

You can follow her Tumblr here, and purchase original pieces on her Etsy shop, here.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Post SakuraCon Wrap-up (Sat & Sun)

The majority of Saturday I spent wandering through the dealer's hall and artists' alley, hanging out with friends and watching AMV's in one of the panel rooms. I checked on my prints in the art show, people love business cards! Every single one of them had been taken from the box I attached to my grid.

H. Naoto's fashion show was also Saturday afternoon, he was showcasing his new Steampunk line, appropriately named "Steam." There was no way my little cell phone camera was going to accurately capture the show, so I just sat, watched and enjoyed it; knowing that professional photos would pop up later online. Zeze Photography has a great album from the show, which you can view here.

After the show, I hurried back to the hotel to change into my lolita coord for the Seattle community's meet-up. It was being held at Starbucks just up Pine Street. If you haven't been to this Starbucks, its the largest in the world, and the building itself is gorgeous. High ceilings, beautiful wooden timbers, and HUGE copper looking vats, I assume for roasting coffee beans. While the location was beautiful, I didn't stay too long, as I don't do very well in large groups of people. Plus, other customers (not in our group) were being rather rude, taking photos without asking, pointing iPads at us, obviously either recording or taking pictures.

Kill la Kill figure at the GoodSmile booth in the dealer's hall/Alex's adorable mini-moon cosplay

YukiYuna is a Hero display at the Aniplex booth

crazy intense guys playing in the groove 3

Sunday was lolita fashion show day! We had to get up ridiculously early for the dress rehearsal, I was really dragging at this point. I decided to model an old-school Baby, the Stars Shine Bright coordinate in black and white with their Shirring Princess jumperskirt.

runway photo by Jason J. Kim Photography/close up shot of my accessories

After the show, a couple friends and I wandered through the con, just enjoying seeing all the cosplayers. Toshi Studios got a shot of us all in our lolita outfits, which I adore.

By the end of the day, it was time to break down the art show, head back to the hotel room and start packing. Thank you to everyone who visited the show, I ended up selling over half my prints!

See you next year, Sakura-Con!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Post SakuraCon Wrap-up (Thurs & Fri)

Wow...! So SakuraCon is over and it was a blast! A very busy, hectic, fun (pretty near sleepless) blast. I've missed it a couple years due to life in general getting in the way and regret it each year I don't make it. Rather than attempt to chronicle everything that happened each day, (that would take quite some time and I'm sure I'll forget things) I'm going to hit the highlights of the convention breaking the trip into 2 blog posts. We'll start with Day0 (Thursday) and Day1 (Friday).

I flew into Seattle on Day0 in order to have plenty of time to set up for the art show and pick up my badge before the lines really started forming. I was rooming with 3 other friends in the Hotel Motif, (formerly the Red Lion) which is a short, 2 block walk to the convention center.

goodbye California/hello downtown Seattle!

Hotel Motif/my roomies brought SO MANY snacks!

art show setup

my grid in the art show

let's be friends!

print close up

print close up

Besides the art show, my favorite thing to do at this convention is to simply wander through the Artist Alley and Exhibitor's Hall. There are SO MANY talented artists in the Artist Alley, and each year when the convention opens registration, tables fill up in literally seconds. I've been thinking about trying my hand at getting a table next year...

the Exhibitor's Hall on Friday, before it got crowded

one of the very talented artists, Tara Fernon

my friend Tabitha with the artist Enfu/a couple buttons I bought from Enfu's booth

magical girl shirt from SuperOrangePDX/acrylic Yu-Gi-Oh keychain from Artists' Alley

I noticed these acrylic keychains are becoming quite popular with artists in the Artists' Alley of conventions. Several sellers had them for sale, but this was the only one I could find that was on shimmery, colored plastic. It really stood out from all the rest which were either solid white, or transparent clear plastic.

Friday, later in the afternoon, we also had a lolita happy hour gathering at Wann Izakaya. I highly recommend it - their prices were great for downtown Seattle and the fish was incredibly fresh. (plus, $5 cosmos - yea!)

 my coord for the event (awesome headpiece made by Ariann)/the girls at Wann Izakaya

Sunday, April 12, 2015

SakuraCon Mascot Entry

I'll be posting a full wrap-up of SakuraCon soon, but since the mascot contest is officially over I wanted to share my entry! Unfortunately this year wasn't my year to win, (next year! next year will be mine!) but I always enjoy entering the contest. I decided to try my hand at a moe style drawing - it was so much more difficult thatn I anticipated! I now have a new appreciation for moe style artwork. It looks so simple, but this took me at least 24 hours from start to finish.

drawn in adobe illustrator

You can see the winning mascots here, on SakuraCon's Facebook page.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Art Show Prints

I am frantically putting together the last minute details for my prints for the Sakura-Con art show in Seattle this weekend, but I wanted to post a few quick photos as a preview!

For all the details like when/where/why (including a map) check out this post here.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sakura-Con Art Show

I can't believe Sakura-Con is about 2 weeks away!! New business cards have been ordered (and received) and new art cards have been ordered for the art show as well. I have the time and location nailed down too - so here's all the info if you'd like to check out some awesome artists:

What is it?
Sakura-Con art show! Sakura-Con is an anime convention held every year at the WSCC in Seattle, WA. The art show is an off-shoot of the Artist Alley. Rather than manning a table, artists set up their work in a gallery setting. Some artists choose to just display their work, and not sell, but yours truly will be selling new mini art prints! They're signed, postcard sized pieces with a matted back.

When is it?
April 3 - 5, 2015. Art show hours run Fri 12PM-9PM and Sat 10AM-9PM.

Where is it?
The con takes place in Seattle, WA at the WSCC, (Washington State Convention Center) located at 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA. 98101. The art show is located in room 400, level 4, right before you enter the Exhibitor's Hall and Artists' Alley. (see map below)

Why should I go?
Do you like art? Do you like anime? Do you like awesome stuff??! That's why you should go.  :)

new business cards to hand out!

3 new prints I'll be selling in the art show

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mobile Ad Work

My Sakura Con mascot illustration entry is finally completed and submitted! I've missed a few weeks posting, and unfortunately can't show my work due to the contest's rules. So in lieu of that, I'd like to share some art assets that I've made for ads at work.

During the day, I work for a tech company designing, illustrating and animating mobile ads for games. This could range from just putting the pieces together with artwork I've been supplied, or needing to draw and animate characters and objects entirely from scratch. Below are 3 "characters" which I've drawn and animated from the ground up to be used in several mobile ad campaigns.

tansy beetle utilized in "Agent Alice" ads

yellow bird used in "Bubble Birds" ads

palm tree with falling cocounts utilized in various slot game ads

All of these assets were drawn in Illustrator and then animated using Flash.