Monday, November 29, 2010

Business Cards

(click thumbnail for larger view)
Adobe Illustrator CS5

I'm redesigning my business card so everything matches (blog, portfolio, Etsy, business card, etc) I've tried getting cards printed at both VistaPrint and OvernightPrints, but have found (while extremely cheap) they both have issues.

VistaPrint's paper quality is fairly good for their cheap prices (you can even get free business cards if you don't mind their logo printed on the back) but when you're checking out they hit you with page after page of ads; asking if you'd like to buy this, or this or hey maybe THIS!?

Overnight Prints paper quality is comparable to VistaPrint's, but on my first order with them, the borders were cut crooked and I had to send them back. I had to contact them twice asking for them to be resent and it took a couple weeks before I got my second order. (To their credit, they did not make me pay for the second order or the shipping, though).

This time I'm going to try MOO, recommended by a fellow illustrator I worked with a couple months ago. The business cards he ordered were made from extremely thick paper, and very smooth to the touch. MOO is much more expensive than the other two companies, but I think this is one of those products where you get what you pay for.


  1. Your design is adorable! Moo is definitely worth it too. I have some mini moo cards, as well as vista print, and the moo cards are just a million times more gorgeous than the vista ones!

    I use the vista print cards when I ship out stuff, sometimes I'll give out several of them if they mention that they'll be wearing something of mine to some kind of event or giving it as a gift, and I save the moo cards for when I personally give someone my card.

  2. Hey thanks for the input! That's great to hear, since they are quite a bit more expensive.