Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pullip Style Daisy

Before I start work in the morning, I have about 3 fashion blogs which I read on a regular basis. A couple days ago one of them posted about "Pullip" dolls. These are highly articulated, collectible dolls which are extremely popular over in Korea and Japan right now. They can range anywhere from $40 to $130; the more expensive ones are collaborations with certain Japanese fashion designers. (such as this one, wearing an outfit designed by the Japanese fashion house "Angelic Pretty")

A couple nights ago I was also looking through an art book on illustrations inspired by videogames of the '80's. Mario Bros, Zelda, Pacman, etc. And so that's a long-winded explanation of how this sketch came to be:

(click for larger view)
3B pencils

This is Daisy (from Mario Bros) inspired by a Pullip fashion doll. I realize not everyone will like this style, with the oversized head and doll-like features - but once this idea was in my head it wouldn't go away and was demanding to be drawn. I wanted to take an extremely simple character and give her as many details as possible, there will be even more in the final version. The colors will stay flat, so hopefully what the viewer notices in the final piece will be all the tiny details in the inkwork.

Let me know what you think-I'm curious to hear people's opinion on this piece!

(and she should look a little less creepy once her eyes are colored in!)

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