Monday, January 17, 2011

Their Highnesses Cora & Clarice Final

(click thumbnail for larger view)
Inks - Copic Multiliners 0.03 & 0.05
Skull & spot blacks - Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS5

The finished version of my "Gormenghast" fanart! This is from the scene in the first book when Steerpike comes to the twins as the ghost of Death, and threatens their lives. They fully believe they are seeing Death coming for them, and consequently slowly go mad throughout the rest of the story.

Today's Inspiration
I've been on a Imai Kira kick lately, her line work just fascinates me, its so delicate. As for the skull in the background, I found this great gothic artist "Chadlonious" over on Shutterstock - his screaming skull drawings were the inspiration for the one in my piece.

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