Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

About a week ago I got the idea to make a cuff bracelet from felt to match my Milky Planet skirt from Angelic Pretty. Here is my process:

Materials needed:

a. Ribbon (at least 20 inches)
b. Felt
c. Any beads you want to use for embellishments
d. Interfacing
e. 3 fabric strips at least 24 inches long
f. Needle/thread
g. Scissors
h. 2 large beads or buttons
i. Clasp
j. Fabric glue (i used Aleene's Super Fabric Textile Adhesive)

1. Draw out your pattern.

My bracelet has scalloped edges to match the bottom of my skirt, but yours can be a rectangle or an oval. I went ahead & mocked up 3 different patterns in Adobe Illustrator for you to use-please feel free to take them! (they should fit just about anyone's wrist, you can make your bracelet larger or smaller when it comes to putting in your clasp-more on that later)



Rounded Rectangle

2. Use your pattern to cut out 2 pieces of felt & 1 piece of interfacing.

3. Take your beads & create whatever design or pattern you like, sewing them onto the first piece of felt you just cut for the base. I went around the edges with 2 lines of small pearls, but you can do whatever you want.

4. To make the fabric flowers, thread your needle & take one of your long, skinny fabric strips. The longer your strip, the larger your flower will be. Run a large stitch along the bottom of the fabric, rather like a basting stitch. When you get to the end of the fabric, push it down along the thread so it bunches up. Curl the edges together to make a round flower shape. Secure all the layers by stitching through each and securing on the back.

(if you'd like a more in-depth fabric flower tutorial, there's a great one here, with photos: Maize Hutton

5. Attach your completed fabric flowers to your piece of beaded felt with a couple of small stitches. It doesn't matter how messy the back of your felt looks at this point, because we're going to cover it with the second piece later on.

6. Take your large centerpiece beads or buttons (i used the cupcake buttons from Joann's here) and sew them in the center of each fabric flower, also attaching them to your felt base. This way you can cover up the  flower's center where all the fabric bunches together.

7. Take your interfacing, & sew your clasp onto each side. I like to attach the clasp here because this way it won't pull on the felt when you take your bracelet on/off.

8. Cut your ribbon in half so you have 2 pieces about 10 inches long each.

9. Glue your ribbon to each side of the interfacing so it lays on TOP of the clasp. When you go to put your bracelet on, you want the clasp to be closest to your wrist, & then the ribbon on top so you can tie a pretty bow. The ribbon is more for looks, than to actually attach the bracelet to your wrist.

10. Take your second piece of felt & glue it to the bottom of your interfacing. The order of materials, from top down, should go like this:

beads, flowers & embellishments
1st piece of felt
ribbon for tying around wrist
2nd piece of felt

And now you should be all finished! Let the fabric glue dry overnight, and you're good to go! If you guys have any questions, or I didn't make a step clear enough, please just ask in the comments-thank you!

Like I posted above, Maize Hutton's blog has a great tutorial on making fabric flowers. As for the cuff idea itself, I was browsing Etsy awhile back and found this artist's amazing bracelets-check her out!