Sunday, February 20, 2011

Midnight Phantasmagory

I think I may have previously mentioned a project I'm working on with my friend Grace - now we have enough details hammered out that I can start advertising it!

We are collaborating on an artbook called "Midnight Phantasmagory;" the theme being horror stories. The call to artists will officially go out March 1st, we are hoping to get at least 20 artists to commit, the book will then be printed up and sold through Lulu. I know that there have been multiple articles and discussions recently about books and print in general declining, and while this may be true for news outlets, I firmly believe that nothing can take the place of an actual, physical novel or artbook in your hands.

So if you'r interested, head on over to Midnight Phantasmagory and keep your eye out March 1st for the call to artists!

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