Wednesday, April 20, 2011

and the rain came down

I've never been one for abstract art. Most of the time I simply feel it's a messy blob of paint that appears haphazardly thrown together in a superficial effort to have some deep meaning that is pretentiously juuuust out of my comprehension.

But it sells.

For a lot.

Just take a look at Lana Williams' sold tab on And some of these pieces are going for $1,500 to $2,000. And then I saw her piece, "Where Did We Go," and fell in love with it. (5th row down) Art is extremely subjective, what one person likes another will loathe. Maybe abstract art is even more subjective than other forms, because this piece for some reason spoke to me and I'm not sure why. So I decided to give an abstract painting a go.

My piece below is titled, "and the rain came down." I got the idea when it was raining, and was thinking about how much it rains in Portland versus the rain in my hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska. There are times when the rain will just pour and run down literally in sheets off windows, car windshields, etc. This piece is my attempt to capture that.

(click thumbnails for larger view)
Detail shot here
Acrylic on canvas

Please tell me what you guys think, I'm very interested in people's opinion on this piece and on abstract art in general!