Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marching Band Lolita

3B Pencils

Inks - Copic Multiliners 0.03 & 0.05

More Japanese street fashion illustrations in the works! This particular character is inspired by lolita fashion and, of all things, marching band uniforms. (I was a bit of a band geek all throughout elementary school/junior high/highschool)

These characters are going to be an entire series, because coming in the fall, I'll be having a solo (yay!) art show at Cloud7Cafe in Portland. (Thanks to my friend Nick for tipping me off about this place). It was originally going to be in July, but I will be traveling back to my hometown in Alaska to work in an art gallery for the summer, so the owner was kind enough to let me push the show back to the month of October. (now I have no excuses not to have plenty of new artwork!) I will be advertising the show much more later on in the year, but that's the reason why for the string of character drawings all along the same theme.

In the next few days I'll be posting photos of my workspace along with the materials I like to use with each piece. I always find it fascinating and inspiring to see other artists' work areas, so look for mine soon!

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