Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cotton Candy Cravings

Wow, was the last time I posted really the 8th?? It's been pretty busy around here - I will be leaving Oregon in about a week to move back to Alaska for about 3 months to work part time in an art gallery. I've been trying to do my work here, say goodbye to friends, and finish up a few paintings for UGallery and my show in October. (oh yes, I should probably find some time to pack, too!)

Below is another canvas painting that will be in my October show. My thought process behind this piece was somewhat along the lines of, "what would over-the-top sweet lolita look like if it was abstracted? I do a lot of character artwork, but have never tried to convey the fashion in an abstract style.

(click thumbnails for larger view)
"Cotton Candy Cravings"
acrylic on canvas
12x24 in.

This piece was difficult to photograph due to the glitter I sprinkled on it reflecting the light in all sorts of which-ways. The most true-to-color shot is the 3rd photo down.

Also, please check out UGallery's Daily Deal tomorrow for my piece, "and the rain came down." It will be on sale for one day!

At the end of the month, I'll also be the featured artist over on Pro-Soup Propaganda, written by fellow Alaskan/Portlander Brittany. There will be an interview and you could win a free print from my Etsy shop!

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