Monday, August 8, 2011

Blueberry Arts' Festival

Blueberry Arts' Festival 2011 is OVER - whew!

A big thank you to my parents for helping me with set up and take down, and Amy for being my booth-buddy throughout the day. I ended up making enough cash to have some "fun money" when husband comes to visit Alaska next month, that was ultimately my end goal. I ended up having a lot more stock than I originally thought I had to start out with, so I'm speaking to a few stores/galleries in town to see if they'd like to carry my bottle cap jewelry. (more on that later if anything pans out)

setting up my bookshelf displays

completed booth display

Close-up of my bookshelf display

(click any photo for a larger view)
There are lots more booth photos located here, in one of my Picasa albums as well.

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