Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bottle Cap Jewelry For Sale

If you're living (or visiting) in Ketchikan, Alaska you can check out my bottle cap jewelry which is now available for sale in 2 different stores! I had quite a bit of stock left over from the Blueberry Arts' Festival so I took them to a few stores around town. You can now purchase them from Ketchikan Dry Goods downtown and D.O.R.K. Designs in the Plaza Mall.

Ketchikan Dry Goods - 219 Stedman St. Ketchikan, AK. 99901

photo taken from paris vicarious

 photo taken from s. myrland

There are necklaces, button, rings and earrings available in both locations.
DORK Designs - 2417 Tongass Ave. Suite 119A Ketchikan, AK. 99901

 DORK Designs

(click any photo for larger view)
You can see more photos of the jewelry and displays here.

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