Monday, December 12, 2011

Egyptian Style

My best friend recently got married at the Luxor in Las Vegas, and I wanted something apropos to wear to the bachelorette party. While searching Etsy for some inspiration, I fell in love with this necklace by LuxVivensFashion. At the time it was a bit out of my price range but it inspired me to bead my own. (and after realizing how much time it took, $525 is a completely reasonable asking price) I also put together an Etsy treasury featuring Egyptian themed pieces I found inspiring here.

Here is my creation, below:

This was beaded using mainly seed beads, 3 beads at a time onto a felt backing. It fastens with an inch-wide ribbon tied in a bow behind your neck. I purchased the scarab center pieces from Dime Store Emporium while the rest of the materials came from Joann's. I've lost count of how many hours I spent on this, but I do remember that I watched multiple reruns of the "Big Bang Theory," the entire first season of "Downton Abbey," and multiple random movies while working on it at my craft table in the living room.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm sure it took hours of fine work and concentration. I wish you a great muse for the next one!

  2. Thank you both! I'm really bad at keeping track of my time, but I can say for sure it took at LEAST 35 hours start to finish.

  3. That is amaaaaaazing and I love it!! Good job!