Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 Template

Currently I'm creating a simple flash card app for android at work - and I was searching and searching today but couldn't find a decent Samsung Galaxy S2 template to sketch off of. There were multiple ones for different versions of the iPhone, so finally I just decided to make one in Illustrator for myself...and you!

Feel free to use this template however you like - I'm using it to design and layout my app interface, but you could also use it for designing wallpapers and lock screens. Why the Samsung Galaxy S2? For the simple reason that that's the phone I own! It will be the physical device I'm testing my app on.

There are 2 versions-the 1st has a grid in the screen area, the 2nd is blank. My galaxy is from TMobile, and while the outer contours vary from carrier to carrier, I BELIEVE the screen is the same size and resolution. (I think-I don't own any other versions of the phone)

No need to ask permission to use it-but if you do a note or a link back here would be greatly appreciated. And if you make something with it, send me a link so I can see!

with grid


The illustrations here are simply previews; to download the hi-res files, go to either of these links click "file" then "download."


  1. Thanks, very useful.
    Using this with my students.

  2. Sure Pete! Are you teaching a class on app design?

  3. Thanks, this is handy!

  4. thanks ! I will try using it now.

  5. Thanks ! will try using it now !