Thursday, April 26, 2012

FrillsRus Review

I was recently contacted by the owner of FrillsRus to help spread the word about her new, online auction site specific to lolitas. (I want to say right off the bat that the following is my own opinion, I am not being paid) First off, the idea of an auction site specifically for lolitas is brillant. So many girls buy their clothes second-hand, it's a great alternative to purchasing new pieces at full price. It's also helpful for beginning lolitas, putting multiple brands into one website for shopping. When you're first starting out in lolita, it can be rather daunting trying to  navigate a Japanese website to figure out if they ship overseas.

(click for larger view)

I just made my own account and it literally took less than 2 minutes. The one thing that immediately stood out to me is that there are no fees for buying and a single (very small) fee for selling. The only fee I can find is the $4/year fee if you'd like to be a seller.

I like the fact that you can either bid, or buy it now, like most auction sites, but on some items you can also offer to trade something.

I haven't listed or purchased any items yet so I can't speak to that process but I will probably be listing a skirt this weekend to check out how the process flows. It appears that if you're familiar with Ebay it should be fairly straight-forward.

Conversely, I would like to see more detail and closeup photos of items. I realize the webmaster has no control over which photos a seller posts of their items, but so many listing had a single (often poorly lit) photo. No matter how badly I want an item, I'm not going to purchase it without being able to see detail shots and at least 1 well lit, full product image.


  1. LOVE this review! I too am on the site and agree with everything you said here! Mabey the site should require the sellers to improve the quality of the pictures posted... ? Just a thought.

  2. Thank you! I'm not sure how you'd enforce quality, but perhaps they could require a minimum number of photos, at least 3?

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