Sunday, September 2, 2012

Juliette et Justine x The Tea Party Club

London's lolita group, The Tea Party Club and my favorite Japanese fashion brand Juliette et Justine, are hosting an international convention and meet-up for lolitas worldwide this month. Even though I won't be able to attend in person, JetJ is hosting a series of competitions which everyone can participate in. There is an illustration competition, a clothing design competition, Koitsukihime competition, and a coordination (outfit) competition.

Below is my entry for the clothing design competition; the winner gets their design made into an actual physical-for-sale garment by Juliette et Justine themselves! Unfortunately, due to work/school/travel/real-life/etc, I wasn't able to put as much detail into my entry as I would have liked. I am extremely happy I was able to finish and submit mine, though-this prize is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My dress design:

After returning from vacation in San Francisco (even though the contest deadline had already passed) I was able to put a bit more time into the design. Ideally, this is what I would have liked to submitted:

The text which wraps around the hem and waist tie reads, "Vera incessu patuit dea: the goddess indubitable was revealed in her step." Gothic frame Photoshop brush is c. Lileya. And here is a close-up of the Marie Antoinette illustration:

(sorry about the huge, obnoxious watermark over all of them) Cross, my fingers, here's hoping!!