Saturday, October 13, 2012

Speed Drawing & Lolita

At the end of September I organized a lolita "traveling dinner" meet-up with 7 friends in downtown Portland. It was mainly an excuse to go out and have a night out on the town in our fanciest dresses. We stopped at Saucebox for happy hour, then Departure for dinner, and were planning on going to a dessert shop called Cocao but didn't quite make that one on time before it closed. We then headed down to Boiler Room in Chinatown and ended the night around 12:30 with dancing and karaoke. 

We were lucky enough to have a professional photographer (thank you Tom!) with us most of the evening; he took some wonderful shots which I then used as inspiration for a couple fashion drawings of my friends. 

I was inspired by everyone's outfits to do some fashion illustrations. Below is Laura, and the 2nd one is of Ariann. Eventually I'd like to have a whole range of these fashion cartoon-style characters inspired by my friends.
3B pencils
adobe illustrator cs5
 3B pencils
adobe illustrator cs5

And what I wanted to share most of all this post-my Illustrator drawing process!

I have recorded my drawing process in Adobe Illustrator for Ariann's fashion sketch. Using Camtasia, I screen-captured the drawing process from sketch to finished piece. I took my original pencil sketch on paper which you can see above, scanned it into the computer and then placed it into Illustrator.

Using a Wacom tablet and pen, I then use the brush tool to draw outlines. I then tweak all my line work to make sure everything is lining up correctly. Next I fill in the colors using "live paint groups." After that I draw in any extra lines I want, like the details in her hair. And finally, I added in the dotted background - which didn't get recorded in this video because I did it after it had finished rendering.

If you are able, please watch this in 720 (HD) and at full screen-it really  helps to see all the details.

music c. Drunkenmunkey "E"

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