Monday, December 31, 2012

Rilakkuma Deco Cell

About a month ago, several friends and I had a "deco crafternoon" (craft+afternoon) where we hung out, deco'ed objects, watched chick flicks and consumed boozy cider drinks. Deco (short for decoration) is the process of gluing rhinestones, charms and cabochons to any object with a flat, hard surface. Didos Shoppe on Etsy has several fun examples which I used for inspiration.

I knew I wanted to create something with Rilakkuma, as he's my favorite San-X character. I decided to deco a cellphone case for my Samsung Galaxy S2. First I sketched out where I wanted all the larger cabochons placed:

I then laid out the larger charms on the cellphone case itself, took a photo of it, and dumped them all off onto the table and started gluing! After that, it's just a slow process of applying glue (I used E6000) to a small area and placing your charms and rhinestones on. I used toothpicks to smooth out the glue and tweezers to pick up and adjust the tiny stones. Below is the finished product, which took about 6 hours to complete, not including drying time. (I left the phone case overnight to make sure the glue had set completely)

A few answers to the questions I get asked when people see the case:
-Yes, it's heavy.
-Yes, it's awkward and a pain in the butt to hold for long periods of time.
-Yes, it's holding up fairly well, I've only lost one rhinestone so far.

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