Thursday, March 7, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Sketches + Fashion Photos

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Firmoo and offered the chance to do a review of a pair of their glasses. Firmoo also offers first-time customers a pair of glasses free with 1.50 single vision lenses. And if you are fortunate to not need an RX pair, you can order the free pair and then pop the lenses out!

Well, I do have horrible eyesight and can always use another pair of glasses so here we go!

My sketch of the glasses I ordered, "SD2383."  These were available in 2 different blacks (matt or shiny) black with red ear pieces, or black with blue ear pieces. I wish there were a few more color options for this pair; while I like basic, black frames I would love to see them in lime green or pastel pink as shown in my illustration.

Worn with an 80's-themed outfit to a fashion meetup with a large group of friends.

Above photos are c. Ariel Martin-Reed

They came with a hard carrying case, cloth wipe, soft bag and replacement screws which was a nice touch. The  hard case is a lot sturdier than others I've ordered through different companies.

Cloth wipe, replacement screws and tool, the glasses themselves.

Overall, I'd definitely order from Firmoo again; they shipped quickly, came with a lot of nice extras, and the glasses themselves are made with sturdy plastic frames and have held up quite well to daily wear.

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