Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hangry + Angry, Hiroyuki Takahashi & Sakura Con

These 3 things are the inspiration for the latest piece I've been working on. (You can see preview shots of the early pencils here). Hangry +Angry held a fashion show at Sakura Con this past March, & I ended up meeting the designer & purchasing a hoodie from  her in the exhibitors' hall. (The hoodie in the drawing is the same one I purchased!)

I started this piece after the convention & wanted to capture the playfulness & exuberance of her brand, while incorporating Seattle into the background & foreground of the piece. While searching for color palettes and inspiration, I ran across Hiroyuki Takahashi's work. I have no idea how I didn't know about this artist before, but I'm in LOVE with his work now! It's so fun and colorful, it was exactly the inspiration I needed for the colors & mood for my own piece. Originally this piece was going to be done in Copic markers, but I wanted to add gradients and screentones to it, so I decided to go with Photoshop in the end. The lines are drawn traditionally with Copic Multiliner pens and then scanned in.


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