Sunday, May 5, 2013

Asuka 3.33

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to watch the new Eva 3.33 film in HD with several friends. One thing that really stuck out (besides the top-notch animation) was how the animators were able to push the characters' expressions to the extreme, especially when they were incredibly angry and emotional. Hellsing Ultimate does this extremely well also, its one of the great advantages animation has over traditional film making.

Hellsing Ultimate

Asuka's expressions when she's battling are pushed to the extreme, (not quite as far as the animators take it in Hellsing) making the scene that much more dramatic. Below are a few quick sketches I did of one of my favorite parts in the film.

prismacolor pencil & sharpie marker

single completed animation cell

Last summer in San Francisco's Japantown Festival, I was able to see the original cells that made up this particular scene with Asuka battling in her Eva. The New People gallery had an exhibition going on at the time dedicated to the 3 Eva rebuild films. In each cell illustration you could see the animator had outlined where the shadows were supposed to be colored in as well as the highlights, each in a different colored pencil. It's still an incredibly humbling experience to see the original cell artwork and realize all over again that this film is animated by hand, with each second consisting of 24 individual pieces of artwork.

I can't wait to own this film and am so excited for the new DragonBall Z: Kami to Kami to be released as well!

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