Friday, October 18, 2013

Kawaii Crush

Lately I've discovered (and been obsessed with) the new toy line "Kawaii Crush," by Spinmaster. Each character has something they're crazy about, or their crush. It was the character design, and the over-the-top colorful packaging that caught my eye with these toys. I have about 6 in my collection now, and at $5.99 for the small "cuddly pet collection" dolls, they're addictingly easy to purchase each time I see a new one.

Looking at the character design of each toy, I thought I'd try my hand at designing my own. Who knows, maybe I can catch Kawaii Crush's eye and eventually work for them designing new characters! The first few photos are of "Amanda Panda Pop", one of the first dolls I purchased, with my design for "Lola Lama Romp" following.

Amanda Panda Pop, with her pet, extra hat & leggings

Amanda Panda Pop

Amanda in her packaging

Amanda in her packaging

Packaging detail

Other characters, Katie Cat Meow Meow and Sunny Bunny Hop Hop

My character design, illustrated in Adobe Illustrator, is named Lola Lama Romp. Her crush is, of course, lamas! Inspired by the cute, fuzzy arkapakasso stuffed animals. She comes with her lama pet, and a set of fuzzy earmuffs.

Lola Lama Romp

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