Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September Travel

September was full of fun stuff - extremely busy but most of it good. At the beginning of the month Chuck and I spent a week out at the Oregon coast courtesy of his parents giving us a free condo stay. Their yearly timeshare "award" for being a member was a week at this condo resort, but unfortunately they ended up unable to travel, so it was transferred to our name. It was extremely relaxing not having to do anything except walk along the beach and see how many sand dollars I could collect.

Shortly after returning from the beach, we were headed off to Las Vegas for 4 days for my friend Ariann's birthday celebration. (yaaaay!) For the majority of the trip there were 6 of us split between 2 hotels; the Rio and the Excalibur. The Rio ended up being fairly far off the strip, but the rooms were amazing compared to Excalibur's. Excalibur's definitely need to upgrade, ours smelled a bit like old people and cigarette smoke. (even though it was a non-smoking room) We deemed this the "lolitas in Vegas" birthday celebration!

view from our Excalibur hotel room at night

Laura took us to the Wynn, which was GORGEOUS, where we had a celebratory dinner and then took photos inside the entrance. It was around midnight, so the area we were shooting in was pretty much deserted since all the shops had closed and the casino floor where everyone was, was located around a few turns in a different section of the hotel.

entrance to the Wynn

the birthday girl, looking a bit pouty

me, Holli & Ariann (I couldn't get over how much HAIR I had!)


Chuck and I managed to win some money on one of the "Crystals" slot machines in the Luxor, which ended up covering our dinner at Gordon Ramsay's "BurGR" restaurant.

truffle aoli fries & the farm burger

After 4 days in Vegas everyone else headed back to Portland while Chuck and I went onto San Francisco to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We ended up using AirBnB to book a 4 day stay at an apartment about a 10 minute walk from Japantown. We got the entire apartment to ourselves for less than the price of a hotel room. If you're willing to hunt around a bit, AirBnB is definitely the way to go to save some cash. It was a bit of a pain at first, we had to make 3 different reservations because hosts kept cancelling on us without forewarning. One of my favorite things about staying in Japantown is wandering around during dinner hour with Chuck, trying new restaurants. We ended up going to "On The Bridge" in the Japan Center mall - and yes - it is on a bridge! It's in the middle of the bridge which connects the 2 buildings of the mall together.

On The Bridge toy counter behind the bar

On The Bridge kitty cocktails & tea time at Crown & Crumpet

And of course a visit to San Francisco isn't complete without a stop at the New People shops or tea time at Crown and Crumpet. Crown and Crumpet has recently (within the past year) relocated from their location by the waterfront to Japantown in the New People building! This means my favorite shopping location, Baby the Stars Shine Bright is just 2 floors above the best tea spot I've been to.

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