Friday, October 4, 2013

Where Did August & September Go?

Wow, August and September have flown by and its already my favorite month out of the year, October! (aka, Halloween month) It's been a busy past 2 months, I'll try to hit the major highlights (and low points) of August in this post; and September in a subsequent post.

In mid-August I was rear ended in a car accident completely totaling our car. I ended up with a sprained wrist and bruising/soreness all over my upper back and head, but other than that was pretty damn lucky I didn't get shoved into oncoming traffic. The entire, horrible process of going to the hospital, wading through the insurance process, buying a used car, then buying a SECOND used car because the 1st one turned out to be a money-suck, took way more time than I would have liked. BUT hopefully we're at the end of the process now, and our "new used" car will have a brand new engine, and it's purple! (the car, not the engine)

Throughout this ordeal, Chuck and I were preparing for the KumoriCon artist Alley, which was at the very end of August. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who came out to buy prints and check out my booth!! You guys rock.

Day0 booth set-up

Day0 booth set-up

Day1 booth is complete with husband helper!

Print display & cupcake stand with anime bangles display


Most of my profit came from offering on-the-spot commissions, which were loose, sketchy drawings at $10 per character. I quickly learned that $10/character was WAY too cheap, so the following days I upped it to $15/character. Commissions filled up in about 2 hours which kept me busy drawing the rest of the day. Chuck took over the selling side while I illustrated commissions, I was surprised at how outgoing he was and how well he could move prints!

Domo-kun made an appearance!

I gave away entire boxes of business cards, if you were a person interested in picking up some prints online in my Society6 shop, it's now completely updated with every print I had at the convention.

I've also started a Facebook artist page if you prefer to use that platform! I've found it's much quicker and easier for me to post snapshots and small updates there rather than making a separate blog post. Please "like" me here to get (almost!) daily art updates.

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