Monday, December 9, 2013

Magical Flying Cats Oversized Top

Awhile ago I was browsing Glitter Hell and Dolls Kill's Wildfox Couture selection, pining after one of their crazy-colorful cat shirts when I realized I could probably DIY something fairly similar. Glitter Hell has some hellishly cute designs, but I can never seem to catch them when they're in stock.

Glitter Hell                                                                                                Wildfox Couture

I decided I wanted my crazy cat shirt to be in an oversized, 3/4 sleeve style, so I headed to H&M to look for an affordable piece I could customize. I ended up buying something similar to this shirt in a light cream color.

H&M Oversized Top

The next step was to change the color from white to something more fun. I wanted to go lime green, so that required a packet of Rit Dye. I used the washing machine method and the entire package - the brighter the better! After the shirt had been washed and dried twice, I added 3 neon pink stars to the back in speedball fabric paint. These were screen printed by hand with a simple star stencil.

The next part required a little more research on my end. I knew I wanted to use a type of iron-on transfer paper for the image, but a lot of them leave a heavy, "plastic-y" feeling on the fabric. After reading about several brands, trekking to Office Depot to see what they had in person, and scouring Ebay, I found a paper brand called "Jet Pro Softstretch." Just like their ad said, when I was finished the paper transfer was very light and didn't have that plastic sheen to it like many others leave behind.

Above is my final compiled kitty-bat design done with a few stock photos in Photoshop, changing the hue along the way. After printing out my design (backwards) on the JetPro transfer paper, ironing it on my newly dyed shirt and peeling away the paper, I ended up wiiiiith...this!

finished shirt, front & back

iron-on close up

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