Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pretty in Petticoats

Back in June of this year, I collaborated with the indie Japanese fashion magazine "Pretty in Petticoats," to illustrate their summer issue cover. The magazine covers Japanese fashion tips, trends and events, mostly focusing on the lolita fashion.

I started by brainstorming fantastical summer themes, like "midsummer night's dream," and after browsing through several summer issues of Vogue, I moved onto choosing a color palette. I wanted warm colors, something that would make you think of summer and heat just by seeing the different shades.

When choosing a color palette, I like to use two websites - ColourLovers and Adobe Kuler. They both are based on the idea of being able to browse different color palettes, or create your own by choosing different hues or editing one another user has already created. Right now I use Kuler more since it is integrated with the Adobe software. You can create a custom palette in Kuler, save it, and then import directly into Flash or Illustrator.


Adober Kuler

3B pencils

finished piece - copic markers

face close-up

hand and water pitcher detail - water droplets added in Photoshop

ruffle detail (these ruffles took SO long to draw!)

Below are a few shots of the summer issue - you can purchase a digital or physical copy here, via MagCloud! (If you purchase a physical copy, it includes the digital at no extra charge).

the finished issue - cover design by Laurie

You can follow Pretty in Petticoats here to get the latest updates and, if you wish, contribute to the next issue!

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