Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sushi Illustration

No post last weekend due to it being the company holiday Christmas VEGAS! Between placing 7th in the poker tournament, window shopping at Chanel, dinner at Tao, playing pool in the Nobu penthouse and busting a move at Hakkasan, it was the definition of a "whirlwind trip"

Whenever my husband and I go out to a restaurant, I insist on taking photos of our food before diving in. It drives him nuts, but it gives me a stock of reliable reference photos since food is one of my favorite things to draw. (And holds still so much longer than people!)

When illustrating food, I try to capture the texture of what I'm drawing. My aim with this piece was to get each piece of fish on top of the sushi rolls to appear a bit damp, yet soft and silky at the same time. My reference photo was a spicy tuna roll, but the drawing ended up morphing into a rainbow roll, with halibut, salmon and tuna on top. (my favorite roll to order!)

spicy tuna roll from Kippu restaurant in Japantown, San Francisco

copic markers

close-up details, maguro roll and ginger

close-up details, wasabi and sake roll

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