Sunday, February 8, 2015

AoD (Animation on Display)

Last Saturday I attended the anime convention AoD (or "Animation on Display") at the San Francisco Hyatt, located by the airport. I've been meaning to check out some local conventions in the attempt to start selling my work at more artist alleys.

This was a smaller convention, but they seemed to have a solid turn out of attendees. It definitely skewed younger, I'd estimate the average age of the attendee was somewhere between 13-17. I'd recommend as a good "starter convention," for a younger fan local to the area.

I specifically came on Saturday to check out the artist alley and the Japanese illustrator p19's live-drawing panel. p19 is a female doujinshi moe artist who is a member of the circle "Practice," and sells at Comiket each year. Comiket, or Comic Market, is like a MASSIVE artist's alley, held in Tokyo, Japan twice a year - once in summer and once in winter.

a sample of p19's illustration work

and I mean MASSIVE - this isn't even the entire market (photo taken from Snipview)

During p19's panel, she took questions through her translator and we got to see her coloring process in the program Paint Shop SAI. (her work is 100% digital) It was very interesting to watch another work, especially one who's process is so completely different from my own.

AoD schedule cover - drawn by p19

p19 on left, translator on right

p19's work in progress on the schedule's cover

coloring a work-in-progress

I also attended Crunchyroll's panel, where they announced an original comic collaboration with illustrator Hiroyuki Takahashi! Takahashi is one of my all time favorite illustrators, his colors are intense, his characters cute and weird, and his use of patterns is intricate and mesmerizing. Below is the first splash page he's done for the comic collaboration, "HyperSonic!" You can follow the comic on Crunchyroll here.

HyperSonic first page spread

And, of course, no con is complete without a trip to the Artists' Alley and Dealer's Hall! The AA and Dealer's Hall was held in the same room, it was a small selection of booths but the merchandise was pretty varied. Alpacasso plushies are big right now! They were so cute, all lined up in pastel colors.

alpacasso plushies!

pins. stickers and keychains are always popular AA items

Sugar Clay Cafe - definitely the most eye catching booth with its pastel color palette

artist alley/dealer's hall

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