Saturday, February 28, 2015

Check 'Em Out!

I am still working on my Sakura Con mascot illustration (which means I can't show any progress on it due to contest rules) so I thought I would feature two friends on this week's post!

These two artists have completely different styles, but they've both been my friends for many years, and create inspiring work.

Grace Makes Art
Grace is a childhood friend from Alaska, she focuses on digital illustration and coloring but also screen prints t-shirts and dabbles in all sorts of crafty stuff. Her work is inspired by nature and whimsy. (never enough whimsy!) You can find her each year at the Blueberry Arts' Festival and the Winter Arts' Faire in Ketchikan, Alaska. Check her work out here:

Facebook Art Page

"Summer" and "Balloon Fish" by Grace Freeman

The Art of Ethan Augustus Slayton
I met Ethan while working at a bookstore warehouse in Oregon, and we quickly became friends over a mutual love of tradition illustration and Magic: The Gathering. Ethan is a traditional comic book-style artist who does mostly black and white pencil and ink drawings. He draws all sorts of monsters, creatures, ghoulies, ghousties and long-legged beasties. You can check his work out here:

"Captain Fanghorn" and "Mjola Sharpsword and Jason Jace Sharpsword" by Ethan Slayton

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