Saturday, February 21, 2015

Playland Clerk

I don't think I remembered to post this drawing! This is a traditional Copic marker piece I finished a few months ago. Its based off a very bored and grumpy looking clerk I saw at the Playland arcade in the Japantown mall. She was poking at her phone and looked like she couldn't be more bored. Something about her character stuck with me though, and I decided to draw her. The alpacasso plushie she's holding is one of the large prizes you can win in the arcade.

Pikachu greets you from inside Playland (photo from

Playland Japan is inside the Japan Center Mall, enclosed in it's own little building (photo from

the full Playland clerk illustration - copic markers and multiliner pens

Playland clerk facial detail

hand and alpacasso plushie detail 

foot detail

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