Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sakura Con 2015

It's time once again for the SakuraCon mascot contest! Which means...I can't post what I'm working on! One of the rules is not to post your mascot entry anywhere online before finding out the results of the competition. I've been entering for several years now, and one of my entries was used for the publicity department's badge, but I have yet to win first place. Maybe this year will be my year! You can check out all my past entries in this previous blog post.

I will also be participating the Art Show again, so if you are attending the convention please stop by and check out my work, maybe purchase a print if you are so inclined. I am particularly excited for this year's Art Show, as the location has been moved. It used to be in a room of the convention center with not much foot traffic, but this year it is being relocated to right across from the dealer's and exhibitor's hall! This is one of the main draws of the con, so it will be great to be back in a high-volume area.

Please check back here, or on my Facebook art page for more details such as exact location and operating times, as the convention draws closer.

my panel in the 2013 art show

close up of my prints in the 2013 art show

Sakura Con 2014 cosplayer (photo from Seattle pi)

Sakura Con 2014 elevator (photo from Seattle pi)

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