Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mobile Ad Work

My Sakura Con mascot illustration entry is finally completed and submitted! I've missed a few weeks posting, and unfortunately can't show my work due to the contest's rules. So in lieu of that, I'd like to share some art assets that I've made for ads at work.

During the day, I work for a tech company designing, illustrating and animating mobile ads for games. This could range from just putting the pieces together with artwork I've been supplied, or needing to draw and animate characters and objects entirely from scratch. Below are 3 "characters" which I've drawn and animated from the ground up to be used in several mobile ad campaigns.

tansy beetle utilized in "Agent Alice" ads

yellow bird used in "Bubble Birds" ads

palm tree with falling cocounts utilized in various slot game ads

All of these assets were drawn in Illustrator and then animated using Flash.

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