Sunday, April 19, 2015

Post SakuraCon Wrap-up (Thurs & Fri)

Wow...! So SakuraCon is over and it was a blast! A very busy, hectic, fun (pretty near sleepless) blast. I've missed it a couple years due to life in general getting in the way and regret it each year I don't make it. Rather than attempt to chronicle everything that happened each day, (that would take quite some time and I'm sure I'll forget things) I'm going to hit the highlights of the convention breaking the trip into 2 blog posts. We'll start with Day0 (Thursday) and Day1 (Friday).

I flew into Seattle on Day0 in order to have plenty of time to set up for the art show and pick up my badge before the lines really started forming. I was rooming with 3 other friends in the Hotel Motif, (formerly the Red Lion) which is a short, 2 block walk to the convention center.

goodbye California/hello downtown Seattle!

Hotel Motif/my roomies brought SO MANY snacks!

art show setup

my grid in the art show

let's be friends!

print close up

print close up

Besides the art show, my favorite thing to do at this convention is to simply wander through the Artist Alley and Exhibitor's Hall. There are SO MANY talented artists in the Artist Alley, and each year when the convention opens registration, tables fill up in literally seconds. I've been thinking about trying my hand at getting a table next year...

the Exhibitor's Hall on Friday, before it got crowded

one of the very talented artists, Tara Fernon

my friend Tabitha with the artist Enfu/a couple buttons I bought from Enfu's booth

magical girl shirt from SuperOrangePDX/acrylic Yu-Gi-Oh keychain from Artists' Alley

I noticed these acrylic keychains are becoming quite popular with artists in the Artists' Alley of conventions. Several sellers had them for sale, but this was the only one I could find that was on shimmery, colored plastic. It really stood out from all the rest which were either solid white, or transparent clear plastic.

Friday, later in the afternoon, we also had a lolita happy hour gathering at Wann Izakaya. I highly recommend it - their prices were great for downtown Seattle and the fish was incredibly fresh. (plus, $5 cosmos - yea!)

 my coord for the event (awesome headpiece made by Ariann)/the girls at Wann Izakaya

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