Sunday, May 17, 2015

SuperOrange Mascot Contest

superOrange is a small clothing company based out of the Portland, Oregon area inspired by cosplay and anime culture. According to their website: "superOrange is apparel inspired by your 2D anime waifu! Wearing superOrange apparel will help you to attain 1000% Hentai Princess status." I had the chance to meet Zee, the founder and man behind the company, at Sakura-Con a couple months ago. While superOrange has an extremely strong, cute visual style, they didn't have a mascot! After the convention, Zee opened up a mascot contest for the brand through Instagram, so I had to enter.

copic markers with text effects in photoshop

My mascot entry is inspired by, of course, the superOrange clothes themselves, and anime figures such as Super Sonico. Super Sonico is incredibly adorable, but I think the superOrange girl would have a bit more of an edge to her. You can check out everybody's entries through the superorangemascot tag on Instagram, here.

You can check out superOrange on these social networks - and good luck to all who entered the contest!


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